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Social Media

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In an increasingly digital world, social media for businesses is vital. You can have a website; however, without social media, you can't build a community or increase sales. Through a tried and true method, our team of social media specialists will create content, interact with consumers, and do back-end work to increase visibility. With hashtag and SEO strategies utilized, your posts will have more engagement/impressions. 

Benefits of implementing social media included: the ability to craft your reputation and narrative, target an audience based on paid media advertisements, and directly link to your website.


Website Design

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Everyone should have a website; plain and simple. There isn't an industry out there that won't benefit from an online presence. Through streamlined processes, hands-on work with our clients, and design experience spanning decades, our creativity and capabilities are endless. 



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Design in Public Relations + Marketing is different than your typical graphics. From a strategic perspective, our account managers know what to highlight in an image to increase engagement and aesthetically brand your company. It's about looking great - of course - nonetheless, clarity and information sharing are our priority when graphic designing for our clients. 



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Everyone knows the iconic blue smile on a package, truck, or billboard is Amazon. Why can't your business have the same effect? Well, with consistent and pleasing branding, your company CAN! Through strategic graphic design, social media, and website implementation, our clients have experienced a make-over and love their new look. Branding is essential because 90% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a company that they recognize. The only way recognition comes through consistency and content creation. It works like magic!


Media & blog Writing

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Showcasing industry knowlege and thought leadership is incredibly beneficial in boosting credibility and consumer confidence in your brand. Customers are more likely to go with a company that knows what they're talking about. They are also more interested in companies that are plugged into news outlets and main stream publications. Being featured in local print and online news is vital to sustainability of companies because it climbs multiple mountains for you; boosts brand awareness, reputation, and shows that you care about your community. 

Our account managers are traind in AP Style (the standard journalistic writing style) and have educational and professional backgrounds at publications and journalism. 

Our services include (but aren't limited to): press releases, blog writing, article writing, event talking points, press interview questions, proposal editing, journalistic writing, media pitches. 


Media Relations

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The fantastic thing about hiring an agency is that public relations professionals know the ins and out of dealing with the press. Media relations as a service encompasses pitching stories, dealing with journalists, and fostering relationships with the press to leverage later. PR pros have great allies within prominent publications and already know the tips and tricks of accomplishing our client's objectives. Our account managers have experience in both the PR side and the journalist side. This gives us a leg on the competition because we know how to utilize our experiences. Having an agency proficient in media relations is vital for
crisis and reputation management. 


Strategic Planning

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Ultimately, we're all about implementation. However, if you already have a marketing director, it's always great to hire an outsourced consultancy to get a fresh perspective and experienced recommendations. Our strategic planning service is excellent for businesses who require a fresh take, launching a product, or going through a re-brand. 

Additionally, all of our services need a strategic plan for the most efficient implementation.



PESO Model

At Jubilant Communications we adopt the Spin Sucks PESO Model for our clients. Our head account manager, Oakley Weddle, is an accredited PESO professional. In partnership with Syracuse University, The PESO Model was created in an effort to make Public Relations a more understandable and streamlined industry.

P: Paid Media, E: Earned Media, S: Shared Media, O: Owned Media

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