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Why They're Brilliant: Apple Inc.

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Why They’re Brilliant: Apple Inc.

Written by Oakley Weddle, June 2021

Apple transcends other businesses. They continually win with their exceptional products and even better advertisement strategies. This blog will analyze their multimedia efforts with recognition of their social media, print, and video advertisements for the 2020 release of the new iPhone 12.

Social Media

Apple’s social media presence is an interesting one. Facebook and Twitter are virtually non-existent for the company’s brand, and their Instagram is strictly photography. Apple has put itself in a unique position. Since the corporation has been around this long, they don’t have to advertise their product extensively. For the most part, on Instagram, they share inspiring stories from Apple consumers rather than constantly promoting Apple products. They don’t follow traditional branding standards. Their presence on social media is much like Facebook’s. Facebook wouldn’t post on Twitter, “use Facebook.” They also don’t print billboards or t-shirts. Regardless of if you are or are not using a social media platform, there isn’t a world where you aren’t aware of the leading players. The same goes for Apple. If you are an Android user, that’s an active decision that you’ve made. Considering that the newest Android is similar in price and has much of the same features, choosing between the two often is influenced by your consistent brand loyalty. Therefore, Brand awareness efforts for a company as large as Apple is none. You either use the product, or you don’t. Therefore, to launch a new product, Apple must take a different approach to social media.

The ads below are the closest thing to advertising their newest product, iPhone 12.

These posts' curations are conditioning the user to think, "I could take that picture, but only if I have an iPhone 12”. Or "I could look just like the people in those pictures, But only if I have an iPhone 12". That's the theory of self-completion, a term we use in advertising.

Beyond these posts, Apple doesn't have to leverage its social media platforms like many other companies. Their users do the marketing for them.


The next multimedia outlet we're going to analyze is print. Again, Apple is not a traditional company, and many of their print materials lie solely in their billboard advertisements. These billboards are few and far between and reside mainly in big cities such as Los Angeles and New York City. The cool thing about Apple is that they don't have to splash their logo everywhere for people to know who they are. All they have to have is a sleek design with their newest product in the billboard's foreground, and people instantly recognize the global brand.


The final and flashiest multimedia content that Apple produced for the iPhone 12 was their “meet the iPhone 12” video. This advertisement is the most overt promotion of the product. With innovative perspectives, imagery, and lively music, this is one of the best promotions of any mobile device on the market. Mentioned before, Apple typically won’t promote their products in any conventional way. They conform to traditional advertising and public relations theory in this ad. However, in true Apple fashion, they do it better than its competitors.

In Summary

All in all, Apple Inc. continues to innovate with consistent branding across all channels and has developed a marketing strategy that doesn’t conform to traditional theory. With a company as large as Apple, you need not overtly promote your product. When you’re Apple, you build an image, a reputation, and a brand soul. Think of it this way: wealthy men and women don’t drive cars. They drive Range Rover’s, Ferrari’s, and Lambo's. Those companies don’t even call themselves cars or automotive vehicles. They are what they are. A person doesn’t drive a top-notch battery-operated electric vehicle, they drive a Tesla. The same can be said with Apple. You hold it in your hand, but it’s not just a mobile device. In your hand, you have decades of innovation, experience, knowledge, and design. You must be holding an Apple iPhone.

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