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The Top 5 Ways Marketing/PR Can Improve Your Business

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Written by Oakley Weddle | August 28th, 2020

In business, Marketing and Public Relations are often overlooked. They're either seen as unimportant or too expensive. Usually, for a small to medium-sized company, Marketing is a one-person department. Business leaders either put Marketing efforts on another employee or ignore its importance altogether. However, I have seen businesses for years fall by the wayside because of two lacking elements: Marketing and Public Relations.

Here are the top five ways that leveraging Marketing and PR can improve your business.

1. Exposure

This one feels the most obvious. Without proper Marketing (whether you have a product, service, etc.), you will not see the kind of hits on your website that you could or the amount of profit you deserve come. Exposure can happen in many ways, the first being Social Media. (Many business leaders just rolled their eyes.) This is understandable. Nonetheless, Social Media Marketing is not only the way of the future; it's happening right now. Without content on social platforms, your company will soon get lost. Many CEO's don't understand the importance of Social Media, and it shows.

"Marketing is an important strategy to ensure the growth of your business. While your current customers should always be your main priority, marketing efforts can help you expand this base. Little efforts, like social media posts and email campaigns, can not only engage existing consumers but spread the word to new potential customers. In essence, marketing secures your business's future through new and old customer engagement." -

Other ways of exposure include (but aren't limited too): events, paid advertisement, positive word of mouth, and email marketing/campaigns.

2. ROI

Utilizing Marketing/PR will produce more profit for your business. After some time, you will see a return on investments. Through exposure comes sales. Who wouldn't want that, right?

3. Streamlining Your Brand

Every Public Relations professional will say how important creating a brand for your company is. Establishing a look and feel (not only in visual but also through brand language) will ultimately provide your consumers with welcomed repetition, which equals site hits and PROFIT. A superior goal, if you ask me.

4. Incredible Reputation

I know what you might be thinking to yourself, running a business isn't high school. However, maintaining a good reputation in your community and beyond is incredibly vital. If not, you may run the risk of losing customers or employees. You want to position yourself as not only a great place to do business with; you also want to create a suitable environment for your employees. If you are doing all the right things, how will people know? Well, you guessed it: Marketing/PR. With Public Relations advice, you can always have someone there to guide you through crises and maintain that sweet, sweet reputation. With Marketing, you take that clout and market it to your consumers.

5. Relevance

Marketing/PR helps your business maintain relevance. While exposure is incredibly important, keeping your brand at the top of your current clients' minds is priority number one. With the world moving faster and new businesses popping up everywhere, it's your job to swim against the current. Staying relevant is quite a feat. However, it is very possible when you utilize Marketing/PR people and tools.


Marketing/PR is significant in that it permits organizations to keep up stable and ever-present relationships with their clients/prospects. It's anything but a one-time fix, but it is a progressing methodology that enables organizations to prosper. Customer commitment is the core of any fruitful business. In today's virtual world, consider hiring a marketing director, an outside firm, or contact us today to chat: We climb mountains for our clients to be heard.

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