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LinkedIn; Friend or Foe?

Updated: May 29, 2021

Written by Katie Craft

Does your business not generate as much buzz as you’d like? Perhaps you’re not utilizing all the platforms you could be to reach a wider audience. One of the most robust Marketing/PR platforms that your business can use is LinkedIn. Yes, you’ve been to the seminars, seen the videos, and been constantly told to leverage your LinkedIn, but we’re here to provide you a toolbox to use for either your business or your personal brand.

Linkedin, a networking platform where users can connect with business professionals and potential clients, is a great place to represent your company. With a fitted header and an aesthetically pleasing logo, your company profile can showcase your brand well.

In the vein of similar social media platforms, Linkedin is an excellent place to post pictures, videos, or documents. With features like polls and live streams, your newsfeed can be a great place to post about your company culture, business values, and CSR (corporate social responsibility). Other professionals can like, comment, and share your posts just like Instagram or Facebook. However, this provides a unique opportunity to network with other businesses and potential partners and learn from each other.

Linkedin is also valuable in that it shows analytics such as who has recently viewed your company page. This is useful because it can help you evaluate if your business is reaching more people or staying stagnant.

Linkedin also has tools such as Linkedin Learning: a program that offers over 16,000 online courses to help develop your skills. You can use these courses for yourself or purchase access for your whole team. Once you’ve completed the course, you receive a certificate that you can apply to your Linkedin profile, and users can congratulate you for. This boosts credibility and adds merit to your brand.

All in all, Linkedin is an essential platform that every business and business professional should utilize. It is a simple way to market your brand without breaking the bank. Through authentic branding, engaging content, and continual networking, you’ll be a LinkedIn master before you even know it.

Need help beefing up your LinkedIn profile for either your personal or business brand? Contact us today!

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